You can do it


You can do it
I know you can
Just don’t give up
Don’t look back

You are strong
I know you are
Just don’t give up
Keep on fighting

You are beautiful
I can see it
Just believe in it
Don’t hurt yourself

Your strength shines through
Even though you can´t feel it
The fighter inside of you
Will give you strength to carry on

Your beauty makes me speechless
Even though you hate it
The beautiful light of your eyes
Will come back one day, I know it

You can climb any high mountain
And throw yourself off a cliff
Because your wings will keep you high
But don’t give up, just don’t give up

You can do it
I know you can
You are a strong fighter
I know you are, I know it´s there

You are beautiful
I can see it
But most important of all
I love you just the way you are

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